1:1 Consultation


Online 1:1 consultation with Bilal Haidar

During this 1:1 Consultation session, we will have the opportunity to discuss your needs and challenges comprehensively. 

Whether you require personal technical guidance or technical consulting for an application development project, this session will provide a platform for managing this. I can offer quick and practical advice to help you navigate these challenges.

After the session, we can map out a timeline to address the work required going ahead.

My area of expertise

Full-stack software developer focusing on PHP Laravel and Vue JS. In addition, I write all sorts of content, including but not limited to technical documentation, articles, blogs, and books.

How does it work?

  • After purchase, you'll get a link to Calendly, a scheduling tool

  • You book a meeting with me and describe your issue.

  • We have a 45-minute meeting about your issue/problem.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to DM me on Twitter.

About me

Hey there 👋! I am Bilal, Founder & CEO at Let's Remote. I'm a highly skilled web developer with over 16 years of experience.

✔️ I have become proficient in various technologies, including Laravel, Vue JS, and Tailwind CSS. 

✔️ I'm an author, mentor, and educator. I share my expert knowledge by creating relevant content on several platforms. 

✔️ I thrive working with a team to create something unique. 

My extensive experience, drive for solutions, and passion for seeing my work come to life make me a valuable asset and reference to any team.

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